Summer in Aarhus

Summer in Aarhus


Visit Aarhus in the summertime and experience true Danish 'hygge'

The Danish summer is truly something special. The long summer days lure both Danes and visitors alike out into the beautiful countryside for leisurely walks and rides through lush forests and cosy picnics on the beach. The extra hours of sunlight are meant for hanging out with family and friends, and for creating memorable moments of 'hygge', that you will cherish forever. 

Aarhus – the new favourite city for a weekend getaway

Aarhus has stood in the shadows of Copenhagen for a long time. However, in the last few years the world has begun to take notice of what a fantastic city and holiday destination Aarhus really is – the latest being The New York Times who wrote this article after having visited the city, with recommendations for what to see and do.

What's so charming about Aarhus?
Aarhus is big enough to provide a large range of options in both museums, restaurants, shopping, nature areas, beaches and many other attractions, while still being small enough that everything is within walking-distance. 

As you move through the city, you will see how Aarhus embraces both its rich history as an old merchant town as well as modern ideas in the arts, architecture and mentality of the people. From the cosy sidewalk cafés in the Latin Quarter, an old neighbourhood with narrow, cobblestoned streets dating back to medieval times, to the other end of the city centre where you'll find modern shops along the high street and the art museum ARoS, with its crowning rainbow walkway. Other attractions worth mentioning also includes the amusement park, Tivoli Friheden, as well as The Old Town, an open-air living museum chronicling the urban history and culture in Denmark since the Middle Ages up until today. 

East Jutland Tour and Aarhus

Experience all that is lovely about the Danish summer on our East Jutland à la carte tour. The tour starts and ends in Aarhus, which provides the perfect opportunity to book a few extra days stay, before or after the tour, to also experience this charming city, that the rest of the world is starting to notice. 

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