Danish cuisine and summer treats

Danish cuisine and summer treats


If you are lucky enough to experience Denmark during summertime there are several typically Danish summer treats that you simply must try, besides the Danish pastry and liquorice, which you have probably already heard about by now. There are many delicious dishes to choose from, so here we'll just mention a few of our personal summer favourites.

A sweet cold dairy beverage or desssert enjoyed with the sweet, crispy biscuits kammerjunkere or freshly-picked ripe strawberries. To the Danes, nothing says summer like a bowl of cold koldskål enjoyed under the sun.

Strawberries, strawberries, and yes, more strawberries
The Danes love strawberries, and during the summer months we devour them in every form imaginable. But there are som classic strawberry dishes you shouldn't miss, like eating the ripe berries from a bowl with cream, the Danish marcipan tart topped with cream custard and fresh strawberries, or the tongue-twister, rødgrød med fløde, which is a red berry pudding served with cream.

Fried, breaded plaice served with parsley potatoes
In Denmark, rødspætte med persillekartofler is a true summer classic. With a history as a seafaring nation, and more coastline than you could ever get your head around, we have a long tradition of eating fresh fish, and the classic fried, breaded plaice is the one to try.

Summer shrimps from the Danish Fjords
Freshly caught and boiled shrimps served with good white bread and freshly-squeezed lemon is a true Danish summer delicacy. The dish is best enjoyed with a cold glas of white wine or beer.

So, when you come to Denmark to enjoy the lush nature and dive into our history and culture on one of our bike holidays, don't forget to also try some of the delicious local cuisine.