Day 5 - Northbound excursions

The excursion prices shown are when pre-booking.

We recommend all our guests to pre-book excursions, as some of the excursions have limited capacity. Only remaining seats will be sold on board. Choose your excursions. Each excursion has a code, e.g. 5A, where the number 5 indicates the day that the excursion takes place, i.e. on day 5.

Please find prices for excursions here – April 2019 to December 2020.


5A Oplev Tromsø - Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser hundeslædekørsel Landskab og huskyer

5A The Arctic Capital Tromsø

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June

July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

5B Dog Sledding (Tromsø)

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec

5C Scenery & Huskies (Tromsø)

May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct

Polarhistorisk byvandring i Tromsø - Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser Kajaktur Langrend i Tromsø - Hurtigruten - Ruby rejser

5D Polar History Walk (Tromsø)

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

5G Kayaking in Tromsø

May, June, July, Aug

5M Cross-Country Skiing (Tromsø)

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

Snesko - Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser Fisketur på Tromsø

5N Snowshoeing in Tromsø

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

5Q Fishing in Troms

Feb, Mar, Apr, May

5A The Arctic Capital Tromsø

Join us for a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Tromsø, the northernmost city in the world with a population over 50,000.

5A Ishavsbyen Tromsø - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Ride the cable car up a mountain for spectacular views over Tromsø and its environs.
  • Visit Polaria visitor centre, featuring an Arctic aquarium, exhibits, films and a seal pool.
  • Admire the city´s iconic Arctic Cathedral from both inside and out.
  • A guided bus tour around Tromsø.

Surrounded by towering mountains, Tromsø is nicknamed Paris of the North. This remarkably cosmopolitan city in the Arctic has a fascinating history. It has been the starting point for numerous polar expeditions in the Arctic Ocean, it served briefly as Norway´s seat of government in 1940, and has been a destination for timber transport from Russian rivers. Today Tromsø is a vibrant small metropolis with a rich cultural life. It is also the centre of research and education in the North.

Our tour begins with a ride with the city´s famous cable car up to the mountain ledge, Storsteinen (421 metres/1,377 ft above sea level). From here, you can marvel at spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains and fjords. Take a short walk around the mountain plateau, or enjoy something to eat or drink at Fjellstua restaurant. We also visit the Polaria centre, which features an Arctic aquarium, seal pool, educational displays and a panoramic cinema. The tour also includes a stop at the famous Arctic Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece and town landmark.

Important information

Transport: Bus

Duration: 3 timer 30 minutter
Dates available: All year

Note: Not available 01.01, 17.05, 24.-26, 31.12. Not allowed to film inside movie theatre at Polaria

5B Dog Sledding (Tromsø)

Join us on a mini polar expedition across the snowy Arctic landscape just a half-hour drive from Tromsø on the island of Kvaløya.

5B Hundeslædekørsel i Tromsø - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Dog sledding with huskies and mushers
  • See beautiful Arctic winter landscapes
  • Chance to see the Northern Lights
  • Hot drink and homemade cake served in a traditional Sàmi lavvo (teepee)

Before hopping aboard our sledges and letting the team of huskies pull us over the frozen terrain, we change into proper clothing and footwear. Bundle up, sit back and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding polar sea and surrounding mountains. During the polar night under clear skies the only light we see emanates from the stars, the moon and occasionally the Northern Lights.

During winter we light up the sledge ride with headlamps. In spring, the sun is back, the climate is milder and the days are longer. After the ride we invite you into a Sámi lavvo (teepee) to relax, warm yourself by the open fire and sip a hot drink. Learn more about a typical Sámi working day and dog sledging at the Wilderness Centre.

Important information

Transportation: Bus/Dog sledge

Meals during the excursion: Coffee/tea and cake

Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing. Special clothing is provided

Note: There is no guide on the bus. Period varies according to weather/snow conditions. Not available 24.12. The trail we drive is approx. 6 kilometres long.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Dates available: 5 November to 4 May

5C Scenery & Huskies (Tromsø)

Experience North Norwegian nature at its best on this excursion to the Tromsø Wilderness Centre on Kvaløya Island near Tromsø.

5C Lanskab og Huskyer - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • View the magnificent scenery in and around Tromsø and nearby Kvaløya island
  • Visit the Tromsø Wilderness Centre and meet its happy huskies and pups
  • Go on a guided nature walk in the area surrounding the Wilderness Centre
  • Enjoy a hot drink and slice of homemade cake served in a traditional Sàmi lavvo (teepee)

Climb aboard a bus for the short drive to Kalvøya and a tour of the Tromsø Wilderness Centre, situated in a profoundly scenic setting with sweeping views of surrounding mountains and the sea. The centre started out as a home for dogs in 1988 and has since become a thriving hub of outdoor activities and nature learning. After arriving, we meet the centre´s more than 250 happy huskies and puppies, bred and trained for dog sledging.

The centre´s co-founder, Tove Sørensen, counts over 20 years experience with dog sledging and once participated in the world´s longest dog sledge race, the Iditarod in Alaska. Our tour provides an introduction to dog sledging and the Iditarod through photos and film footage. We then join our Wilderness Centre guide on a nature walk to explore plant and bird life around the centre, before meeting up in a traditional Sámi lavvo (teepee) for a hot drink and a slice of cake. Then we return to Tromsø and re-board the ship.

Important information

Transportation: Bus

Meals during the excursion: Coffee/tea and cake

Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing.

Note: There is no guide on the bus.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Dates available: 5 May to 4 November

5D Polar History Walk (Tromsø)

Experience the same polar frontier environment as the famous polar explorers on this historic polar walk through Tromsø.

5D Polarhistorisk byvandring i Tromsø - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Guided walk through the Arctic capital of Tromsø.
  • Visit the Polar Museum and learn about the region´s polar history.
  • Taste local `Mack´ beer at Ølhallen, the oldest pub in Tromsø.
  • Hear one of the locals tell stories about the old days.

You start the tour by meeting your guide on the pier and then walking along the shore to the Polar Museum. On the way you pass a statue of the great polar explorer Roald Amundsen, a hunting monument and Tromsø market square, where you get a wonderful view of the Arctic Cathedral. The Polar Museum is located in an old customs house built in the 1830s and features exhibits from Norway’s proud and extensive polar history; including numerous Arctic Ocean hunting expeditions for polar bears, seals, whales and walrus over the ensuing centuries. We also see a film about the polar region made by the Arctic hunters. Our tour continues along the main street to Ølhallen, Tromsø’s oldest pub, which was a popular meeting place for fishermen, hunters and polar explorers. Here, you can taste beer from the world’s northernmost brewery, Mack, whilst one of the locals tells stories about the old days.

Important information

Meals during the excursion: One beer/mineral water

Clothes/footwear: Hiking shoes, warm and windproof clothing

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Dates available: 5 November to 4 April

Not available: 01.01 (2019 & 2020), 29.03-02.04 (2019), 18.-22.04 (2020), 24.-26 & 31.12 (2019 & 2020)

5G Kayaking in Tromsø

Ready for a little adventure? Join us as we head out to the nearby island of Håkøya for a sea kayak expedition along the Tromsø-area coastline.

Highlights of the excursion

  • See beautiful Arctic scenery on the way to Håkøya outside Tromsø.
  • Guided kayak trip including all needed equipment.
  • Get close to the elements and marine wildlife.
  • Hot drinks and a snack served after the trip.

Experiencing this area at sea level provides for an entirely different perspective. Kayaking is not only exciting and intense, you can also get up close and personal to the local marine wildlife. Together with your experienced guide, you paddle with Tromsø’s lofty mountains as a stunning backdrop. This is the land of the Midnight Sun and it never gets dark during summer. We use stable, double-hulled sea kayaks to ensure the absolute highest degree of safety. No paddling experience is required to join this excursion. The guide provides initial instruction before heading out on the water and supports you along the entire way of the tour. Want to experience something out of your comfort zone? This might be it.

Important information

Transportation: Minibus

Meals on the trip: Coffee/tea and biscuits

Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing. Paddling jacket and shoes are provided.

Note: No paddling experience is required; instructions will be given. Not suitable for disabled people.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Dates available: 1 May to 30 September

5M Cross-Country Skiing (Tromsø)

Experience the thrill of gliding along in the snow on skis. This tour is a fantastic introduction to cross-country skiing for beginners.

5M Langrendstur i Tromsø

Highlights of the excursion

  • Easy and pleasant activity everybody can join and enjoy.
  • Activity with focus on learning new skills.
  • Relaxing break with a hot drink and local snack before heading back to the pier.
  • The best option for guests who want to learn but have little or no experience skiing.

Once you’ve picked up a few basic skills from our experienced ski instructors, we take you skiing along flat terrain, most of which on prepared trails. Take in the beautiful scenery as you gently ski along the top of Tromsøya Island, just a short drive from Tromsø city centre. First, we teach you some fundamental ski techniques, from how to get your skis on and off, getting back up after a fall, to gliding across a completely flat area. As you become more accustomed to the skis and gain more confidence, the instructors teach you additional techniques along the route, so that by the end of the tour, you may want to challenge yourself on small hills. After our cross-country ski trek, we take a break where you are served a hot drink and a traditional Norwegian snack called lefse.

Important information

Transportation: Bus

Meals on the trip: Hot drinks and lefse, a local Norwegian snack.

Clothes/ footwear: Warm clothes, including a windproof jacket/trousers, hats and mittens, are essential as you quickly cool down when taking a break. Winter clothing is not included on this excursion.

Note: Toilet facilities are available. Most of the excursion is on flat terrain, but it helps to have a certain degree of flexibility in your body.

Duration: 3 hours
Dates available: 1 January to 1 May

5N Snowshoeing in Tromsø

Some call this Tromsø excursion `childhood revisited´ because it is so carefree and liberating.

5N Snesko i Tromsø - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Easy and pleasant activity everybody can join and enjoy
  • Activity with focus on having fun, being outdoors and enjoying nature and snow
  • Choose to be active or relax by the bonfire before heading back to the pier
  • Great choice for families with children

The tour starts with a short bus ride through a winter landscape of birch and spruce forests to the top of Tromsøya Island. Equipped with modern snowshoes, you easily walk on the snow, breathing in the crisp air and experiencing Norway´s frozen winter landscape like a local. Follow your guide through the forest and into a clearing, where you can help light the bonfire and then warm yourself by the blaze.

The guide shares knowledge about the surrounding nature, and interesting insights about traditional folklore, the local area and everyday life in Tromsø. Just when you thought it couldn´t get any better, you hop aboard a toboggan and speed down a snowy hill, laughing gleefully like a child again. After you’ve had your fill of fun, we return to the clearing, re-stoke the bonfire, warm ourselves and savour hot drinks and a sweet snack. It really doesn´t get much better than this!

Important information

Beklædning: Varmt tøj – gerne vindtæt jakke og bukser, hue og vanter er vigtige, fordi du hurtigt afkøles i pauserne. Vintertøj udlånes ikke på denne udflugt.

Transportation: Bus

Meals on the trip: Hot drinks and lefse, a local Norwegian snack

Physical requirement: Level 4 – Good physical condition

Clothes/ footwear: Warm clothes including a windproof jacket/trousers, hats and mittens are essential, as you quickly cool down when taking a break. Winter clothing is not included on this excursion.

Note: Toilet facilities are available

Duration:       3 hours

Dates available:

1 January to 1 May         

5Q Fishing in Tromsø

Join this exciting deep-sea fishing trip on an Arctic fjord, just outside Tromsø.

5N Snesko i Tromsø - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Go deep-sea fishing on an Arctic fjord
  • Experience spectacular surroundings and ample photo opportunities
  • Possibility to observe sea eagles, killer whales and other wildlife
  • Enjoy fresh fish soup made from today’s catch

Our excursion starts in Ersfjordbotn outside Tromsø, aboard MS Capella. We sail through beautiful scenery, surrounded by majestic mountains rising straight out of the sea. An experienced crew guides you through this amazing natural environment. MS Capella was built in 1999, specially made for passenger transport and designed for excellent comfort and views from the lounge.

Sit comfortably in your lounge chair until the captain finds abundant fish, just outside of Ersfjorden. We then take out our fishing gear and begin angling. We’ll hopefully catch enough fish for the crew to make tasty fish soup served on board. Afterwards, we head back to shore for a short sum-up and change of clothes before travelling by bus to Tromsø and our awaiting ship.

Important information

Transportation: Bus, boat

Meals on the trip: Fish soup with today's catch, biscuits, cinnamon buns, hot chocolate tea and coffee

Physical requirement: Level 3 – Average physical condition

Clothes/ footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and wind proof clothing. Special clothing is provided

Duration:       3 hours 30 minutes

Dates available:

1 February to 31 May