Island-hopping on Fyn and Ærø

The best of South Fyn including the island of Ærø

On this island-hopping tour in The South Fyn Archipelago you will be cycling to beautiful beaches, breathtaking hills with stunning views and charming villages with cosy cafés.

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On this island-hopping tour in The South Fyn Archipelago you will be cycling to beautiful beaches, breathtaking hills with stunning views and charming villages with cosy cafés.
Sailing is an important part of your holiday here. The ferry ride to Ærø gives you intriguing glimpses of small islands inhabitated by few people - and some of them only by grazing cattle. Besides Fyn and Ærø, you will have the chance to visit the small, scenic islands of Thurø, Tåsinge and Avernakø.

After the tour you can also go visit the ”capital” of Fyn, Odense, which is the home town of the world famous poet and fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. Odense has it all: charming high streets, fascinating museums and galleries, inviting green parks and delightful cafés. Odense is also rightly known for being a remarkably bike-friendly city. In fact, there is no better way to explore this modern, lively and authentically “hyggelige” city than by bike.

Welcome to an amazing bike holiday on Fyn and Ærø!


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  • Svendborg, the old seaside town – squeezed in between sea and hills – and home port for many beautiful wooden ships
  • The South Fyn Archipelago, a paradise for cyclists as well as yachtsmen and hikers
  • Valdemar's Castle
  • Ærø, a unique island community
  • Ferry trips and lovely beaches
  • Odense, the home town of Hans Christian Andersen


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Day 1. Arrival in Svendborg
Today you arrive at your hotel in Svendborg. After checking in, you have time to explore the vibrant and exciting town with its historical centre.
Shops and restaurants offer tasty, healthy and locally grown food, which has become a brand for South Fyn: "Smagen af Fyn" or “The Taste of Fyn”. You can see the beautiful old traditional wooden ships at the harbour, visit the modern museum of natural history, Naturama, or the historical Svendborg Museum. Go for a walk along the harbour and in the city centre.
You can also spend the day at Egeskov Castle north of Svendbord. Egeskov offers great experiences with one of the most beautiful parks in Europe with a maze, a playground, a large collection of vintage cars and a trophy museum.

Overnight stay in Svendborg.

Day 2. Svendborg and surroundings (approx. 35 or 53 km / 22 or 33 miles)
Today you can visit the Maritime Centre at the harbour of Svendborg. You can also bike across the bridge to the island of Thurø, from where you can take the vintage ship “M/S Helge” to Tåsinge (The trip with M/S Helge is not included in the price). Here you pass cute timbered houses on your way to Valdemar’s Castle. You can also go see the more than 500 year old oak tree The Ambrosius Oak.
As you bike along the peaceful roads, you will pass stunning nature sights and beautiful views. Make a stop at the cosy harbour Skovballe Havn and don’t forget to visit the Brewery of Svendborg (Svendborgsund Bryghus), where you can buy tasteful beer, local wine and delicious chocolates. Choose between a short or a long route today. 

Overnight stay in Svendborg.

Day 3. Svendborg to Ærø (approx. 29 km / 18 miles)
Take the ferry from Svendborg to Ærøskøbing on Ærø. On the small island you will find yourself in a 19th century atmosphere with narrow cobblestone lanes, half-timbered houses with hollyhocks - and lots of time. Everywhere you go you will find small farm shops with locally grown food such as vegetables, fruits and honey. In Ærøskøbing you can visit the shipyard Det Gamle Værft (The Old Shipyard) before cycling to the colourful beach houses at Vesterstrand. From here you bike along the coast to the old shipping town Marstal. Here you can do a loop tour in the city and to the great beach Eriks Hales Strand before arriving at your hotel. If you have the time, we recommend visiting the Maritime Museum or biking into the middle of the Island. Note that the bus is free on Ærø.

Overnight stay on Ærø.

Day 4. Ærø to Faaborg (approx. 36 km / 22 miles)
Today you bike along the beautiful coastline to Søby in the north of Ærø. Along the way you will pass Bregninge Church, the unique 33-metre high cliff Voderup Klint and the protected Vitsø Mill. On the entire tour you are never far away from the beach or a bench. You have the opportunity to visit Ærø’s own brewery Rise Bryggeri, the manor Søbygaard with its interesting art exibitions or enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at a small cycle café a little south of Søby. From Søby you will take the ferry to Faaborg and cycle to your hotel.

Overnight stay in Faaborg.

Day 5. Faaborg and the surroundings (approx. 41 km / 25 miles)
Enjoy a day in Svanninge Bakker (The ”Alps” of Fyn), which is one of the most exciting nature areas on Fyn, created during the Ice Age. You can also go to the small village of Diernæs, passing Kaleko Mill on your way, where the very popular Danish Christmas show Nissebanden was filmed. You will also pass great woods and cosy shelters. This route is approximately 25 km. You can also take the ferry from Faaborg to the small picturesque island of Avernakø. Go for a swim at the great beaches and experience the rich birdlife. The route on Avernakø is approximately 16 km. Remember to check the ferry schedule.

Overnight stay in Faaborg.

Day 6. Faaborg to Svendborg (approx. 44 km / 27 miles)
Today you’ll cycle an absolute idyllic route along the coastline to Svendborg. On your way you’ll pass by the small castle Holstenshuus Slot and the manor Lehnskov Gods. Remember to stop for a picnic and settle down at one of the beautiful picnic areas on the way or at one of the small harbour areas. Enjoy an ice cream at the harbour Rantzausminde Havn before you’ll get to the hotel in Svendborg.

Overnight stay in Svendborg.

Day 7. Last day in Svendborg
You have now reached the end of the tour and it’s time to enjoy the last of Fyn’s magic. Spend time in the beautiful nature areas around the hotel, take a walk along the water or visit the city’s cosy streets and cafés. If you still want to go biking you can rent a bike at the hotel and go further into the surroundings of Svenborg - maybe you should go visit Egeskov Castle if you didn’t see it already? It’s also possible to make a stop in Odense on your way back. Here you can visit the Hans Christian Andersen Exhibition, which gives an insight into the famous Danish writer’s life, The Danish Railway Museum, Odense Zoo or the open-air museum The Funen Village. The capital of Fyn is full of history and unique culture and is definitely worth a visit.

Weather and climate

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KlimaBiking in Denmark is perfect from end of May until mid September. You will enjoy comfortable weather and daylight from very early morning until late evening.

Degree of difficulty

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The terrain is flat with occasional small hills. It's a leisurely tour and is suited for cyclists in average physical condition. You ride along bike paths and minor roads.

Bikes and cycling equipment

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You can rent comfortable bicycles with adjustable bicycle handlebars, hydraulic brakes and large tires that ensure you a safer ride. Equipped with an ergonomically designed saddle, handles and pedals, you are ready for any kind of bike ride. It's also possible to rent an e-bike with gears, a mid-drive motor and puncture-proof tires. The e-bikes can reach a speed of 25 km/h (approx. 15.5 miles per hour)

All bikes come with a waterproof saddle cover, a bell, a bottle holder, a bicycle computer, a saddlebag and a lock. Always remember to lock your bike! In addition, it's also possible to rent a kids bicycle, a child seat, tag-a-long bicycles for children, Burley bike trailers and helmets.

The models may vary, it will be this type or similar:

Read more here about the 
bikes and cycling equipment.

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Island-hopping on Fyn and Ærø
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Praktiske informationer

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The price includes:

  • Accommodation in comfortable 3-4* hotels incl. breakfast buffet
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Ferry from Svendborg to Ærø, and back from Ærø to Faaborg
  • Information about highlights and sightseeing
  • Hotline service in case of problems
  • GPS and road book with day descriptions.


The prices for extras can be found under “Book”, making it easy for you to calculate your total price incl. any extras you may want.

  • Extra nights
  • Hybrid touring bike
  • E-bike
  • Helmet
  • Insurances

How to get there:

You will stay at Hotel Christiansminde, Hotel Faaborg Fjord, Ærø Hotel or similar hotels.

Please note: The tour is only available for adults (from 18 years and up)

More about Denmark:
Biking in Denmark is something special compared to other countries. First of all, you will enjoy how the attractive landscapes invite cyclists to easy and safe stages. Cyclists are given very high priority in Denmark. In the cities you will find cycle paths, and at the coastline, along the lakes, in the forests and through the green fields you will find peaceful lanes and paths specially designed for cyclists. In Denmark, you will meet picturesque villages, a countryside that varies all the time, well-preserved castles and manor houses, clean and sandy beaches, and you will enjoy the clear, fresh air.

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