Bikes and accessories


On this site, you can see the bikes and the accessories, that can be rented on our trips. You order the bike and the accessories when booking your trip. We will make sure to deliver everything to you on the first day, unless otherwise agreed.



All bikes come with a waterproof saddle bag, a bell, a bottle holder and a lock. Always remember to lock your bike!

For every booked room there is a repair kit, extra tubes and a pump.

Bikes and equipment:

trekking series - 2020 TC1 by Rabeneick

Touring bikes

We have various touring bike models as e.g.:

  • 8-speed Rabeneick unisex bike without foot brake. Adjustable stem and incl. Schwalbe maraton Plus anti-puncture tubes.
  • 9-speed Specialized Sirrus 3,0 EQ with adjustable bicycle handlebars, hydraulic brakes and large tires that ensure you a safer ride. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed saddle, handles and pedals.


Our e-bikes come in different models for women and men, with 8 or 10 gears and with a mid drive- or rear motor. They all have puncture-proof tires and hydraulic brakes that offer high stability, but also allows the user a more aggressive ride in town, due to the robust construction and design of the bike. Approximated distance on a full charge is 185 km, depending on level of power-assist and weather. Only on request.

Children's bike

Without foot brake. Models may vary.

Child's seat

Models may vary.

Children's tag-along

Models may vary.

Children's burley

For 1 or 2 kids. Models may vary.

Saddle bag

Included in the price. Waterproof side bag 17 liters in dufflebag quality with rubber surface, incl bracket for easy installation and reflex on the sides. Models may vary.



Models may vary.


Cycling computer with very easy user interface. 17 hour battery. With pre-loaded GPX tracks. Models may vary.